0-Products and results

Products and results

Project prepare :

During the 2 years project the partners are going to prepare and disseminate the following materials and documents 

A. A guide and a curriculum/training structure for trainers to make sure the professionals in charge are well informed and can use the same knowledge on CSR, especially about the main themes and topics of each session and when assessing and reporting the results. In particular, the trainers will be informed on how to offer comments and feedbacks to help participants in improving their judgment and change their behaviour, attitude and skills. 

B. A curriculum and a training structure for a course aimed at CONSULTANTS to increase their skills and competence on CSR practices and most suitable solutions for CE companies. 

C. A DIGITAL HANDBOOK WITH CONTENTS AND MATERIALS useful to run the local thematic workshops and to guide the partners in having a structured dialogue with relevant local stakeholders and academics, to collect and share data at local level for further researches or to support policies development. Selected audience: journalists, educators and professionals, public admin/government representatives etc.

D. METHODS TO ENGAGE all the interested parties in implementing CSR, by offering tips and suggestions on what topics and communication messages use according to main targets in the project (companies, managers, consultants, key stakeholders). In all aspects, the toolkit focuses on low-budget scenarios and aims to make it easier for multiplier to integrate multiplication into their daily activities. This toolkit aims to give guidance and provide available tools for multipliers to implement their activities.

E. A FINAL CROSS-REFERENCE REPORT on the managerial skills required to run responsible and sustainable business and implement CSR polices, based on the results of the local thematic workshops. 

The main expected result of the product use and cooperation expected at the end of the project are :

• Improved knowledge and expertise for the project partners, their experts and trainers thanks to shared good practices.  

• A more active participation of companies / HR managers / employers in the creation of relevant learning outcome.

• Increased managerial capacity and ability to work in a multicultural environment for the consortium staff.

• Increased awareness and perception on the importance of CSR and sustainable approach to management by all the parties involved.

• Increased participants’ competence in the use of the suggested material for an “easier” approach to CSR.

• Improved training offer and increased professionalism of EDUCATORS/TRAINERS and partners’ staff participating in the project. 

• Enhanced possibility for key stakeholders to exploit practical information generated by the consortium. 

• Enhanced cooperation among European organizations of different nature and size dealing with issues related to CSR, sustainability, education, and social responsibility. 

• Increased networking capabilities at local / National and EU level.