0-About the project


Given the cultural differences, economic situations and National legislations among the participating EU countries, CSR implementation has reached different level of development, influencing the training offer (at different level) and the provision of professional support by business consultant. 

The main scope of the project is to widen CEE companies and managers knowledge on CSR and sustainability concepts and raising their awareness over their needs and possibility for improvement, with a focus on improving managerial skills related with efficient resource management, ethical choices, EU2020 polices, responsible labour practices, sustainable approach to business, … 

The key objective of the partnership is to deliver a common model of CV and the structure of a training aimed at CE companies and their consultants, to offer a common model better suited with the local requirements and managerial styles. 

To offer the CV prototypes (one for business consultants and the other for Trainers) the partners are going to 

-Share their knowledge and collect good practices 

-Conduct 2 surveys (during active workshops with an innovative way to facilitate dialogue and information sharing and a desktop survey on training availability) 

-Elaborate and test low-budget ways to engage managers, entrepreneurs, journalists and other target group and stakeholders in getting interested in CSR (thus get enrolled in trainings) 

-Analyse and cross reference data collected to perfection the CV and the structure of the training proposed. 

To reach the objectives, the consortium will 

*simplify the way CSR is presented, to make them more accessible to wider audiences 

*Improve the ability of the partners staff and key stakeholders to engage and raise managers, entrepreneurs, journalists  the interest on CSR   

*Increase partners perception over CSR situation in the CEE countries, by collecting data on partners countries situations and participants needs 

*Increase the possibility for usability, relevance, possibility for sustainability and diffusion of the results by assessing them with experts and target groups 

The workshops offered to the target groups will offer the partners to get in contact with the target group, share some basic information on CSR, ask their opinion and investigate the skills possessed, needs, discuss the best solution to get them involved and interested in the topic. 

With the planned activities, the partners are also going to extend CSR audience within the business and industry sectors, such as managers, firm representatives, CSR managers, business consultants, journalists, key public officials, entrepreneurs to help them increase their capacity to manage risk, improve the efficiency and efficacy in the management of their resources, both material, immaterial and human.

The consortium is composed by 7 partners from 6 different countries and they have been selected taking into account different types (universities, training companies and associations) all involved and experts in management, sustainability, skills improvement and training.